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Thread: Creating wordlists based on dates -- Part II

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    Default Re: Creating wordlists based on dates -- Part II

    Hey Guys & Gals,

    I updated datelist to v0.7 following a couple of bugreports.

    - Fixed a bug causing the months of July to be excluded.
    - Fixed a bug causing February to be omitted from whole century dates due to
    bug in leapyear calculations.
    Thanks to stepking2 for pointing the above bugs out to me !
    - Included the -a and -p switch to allow to append or prepend word/characters
    to the created datelist from the command line.

    - Included more error checks for input dates and other entries.

    - Rewrote the method of creating dates so as not to have to be dependant on the 'date' command.
    No more limits on dates ! Yay !
    Also much faster.
    - Fixed some temporary files not being deleted.

    - Made datelist able to be run directly from the command line instead of using
    prompts also allowing input of custom filename for output.
    - Improved the method of using spacing characters and the number of characters
    that can be used as spacing characters.
    - Included possibilities for appending and prepending using custom files
    for input and output instead of being limited to file 'datelist.txt' as in v0.3.
    - Tidied up code.

    - Tidied up some superfluous code
    - Tidied up output when creating datelists
    - Added switch -s to allow to insert one of 3 possible spacing characters ( - . / )
    in an existing datelist.txt file.

    - Added support for various output formats.
    - Improved the reliability of different outputs.
    - Included option to append/prepend upto 5 numbers.

    First trials

    Download ;

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    Default Re: Creating wordlists based on dates -- Part II

    nice man good to see this update, it looks like I'l be adding the updated version to my next release to fully utilize these features, thanks!

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