I am new to BT linux, I have been running it as my only OS for several weeks. I am very happy with it for my work, but not sure to use all the time. my current install is on a OCZ vertex III 60 gb SSD. my laptop is a centrino duo 1.3 ghz with 8 gb of ram and intel video. I have done much reading in the forum and have resolved 100's of issues. however my original install was alongside Win7 on a OCZ agitily II 60 gb SSD and I need to restore the win7 boot and delete that install of BT. after the BT install to this drive I was no longer able to access win7. I no longer want to use Win7 but I do want to have the option. so any help will be greatly appreciated.

also I do not wish to run BT linux for common use and want another similar but safer linux version to run in dual boot. so far Linux Mint looks good. and claims to have good security and pre installed features, plugins and apps. any suggestions? Advice?

other minor problem: Video resolution does not restore on reboot. starts at 800X600 on laptop screen and the HDMI external. my preferred settings are 1024X768 on laptop, and 1200X1080 on external. but changes evertime.

Thanks in advance Logan