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Thread: Basic understanding in Aircrack-ng and Crunch

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    Default Basic understanding in Aircrack-ng and Crunch


    I just wounder if you could make space in a crunch-generated password-list. Like:

    ./crunch 20 20 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123*456789-. , | aircrack-ng -e 653660 -w - /root/653660-01.ivs

    is there any way to make space as one "character" so you could get for ex. [AAB SD-TE2AAADER TRY]=20 ch. long including the 2 spaces?

    What i am trying to do is to use this command for aircrack-ng without wordlists and not have to use ./crunch 4 4 , and than 5 5, and 6 6 , and so on. One command to get all 20´s, all 19´s, all 18´s and so on.

    Thank you 4 any help!

    Take care!

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    Use the following command, but link it to your .cap or .ivs file and type the right bssid:

    cd /pentest/passwords/crunch
    ./crunch 12 12 -f charset.lst mixalpha-numeric-all-space-sv | aircrack-ng -b 08:76:FF:9C:54:F8 -w - /WPA2/TeliaGateway08-76-FF-9C-54-F8/wpa.ivs
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