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Thread: Merry Christmas

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    Default Merry Christmas

    I looked guys and could not see where else to post this , so if it doesn't fit remove it .

    I just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to all the Backtrack Team and to all that make this forum what it is , i know ive learned loads and spent many many years learning and having fun at the same time .
    my point is this there might be lots of guys like me that never write a great tut or vid for whatever reason and might not even post a lot , but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate all the time and effort the guys and everyone else put in
    and for some more than others i know its a lot of time

    so i am taking my chance while i can and even though its just words sometimes a thank you is all that's needed to say yeah that was worth it .

    Merry Christmas to you all .

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    I support
    I wish all of YOU my most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas!


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    Default Re: Merry Christmas

    Wholeheartedly agree with the_z_1 Happy Christmas to all!
    If I could figure out how to scuba dive & hack at the same time, there would be nothing I couldn't do...

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    I agree!!!

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    I agree with all of you.

    We spent hours reading and learning in the forum

    To all the participants of the forum and BackTrack team

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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    Merry Christmas too you all too

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