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Thread: WPA/2 WordLists

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    Question WPA/2 WordLists

    Hello All!

    I realize you probably get this asked a lot, and before I receive any comments about not searching the forum please bear with. I'm currently compiling my own word list from a selection of online resources I have come across while browsing. What I'm here to ask really, is whether there are some, more up to date wordlists (as the ones on the forums are usually dead links/old sites no longer up etc) that someone could link, or even just provide some advice on where I could come across some good collections. I'm after some sizeable wordlists, for example the one Offensive S. released (47 million) though all the links I follow on this forum and others are dead.




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    Default Re: WPA/2 WordLists

    some good ones are here.

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    Default Re: WPA/2 WordLists has quite a few good ones.

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