I just bought a new HP computer and it supports UEFI booting. I installed windows 7 pro 64 bit using UEFI by booting from a UEFI enabled windows 7 pro usb thumb drive. I am now trying for a UEFI booting BT5R1 install. The first problem is my BIOS EFI issues and I have already contacted HP about this. I have 4 Windows Boot Manager entries in my EFI menu and I can't get rid of them I also can't boot a non UEFI thumb drive anymore.
The next issue is the isos don't support UEFI. The final issue is the Ubuntu installer screws up the existing UEFI partition.

I realize that the BT developers didn't write the installer or syslinux or even grub2. I am only asking that they and everyone else help pester the Ubuntu people to get these problems fixed so the next version of BT can be booted by both UEFI and legacy systems. UEFI is the future and the sooner these issues get fixed upstream the sooner the BT developers can take advantage of them.

The bugs can be found here:
UEFI bugs:
Deletes Windows efi partition
Installer should not format an existing EFI System Partition
EFI SYSTEM PARTITION should be atleast 100 MiB size and formatted as FAT32, not FAT16
ctrl-x does not work in grub-efi
grub-update fails to detect windows bootloader on a uefi system

Please add yourself to these bugs so we can get them fixed.
Thank you.