(I just typed so much, and it was just deleted... so sorry if i post insufficient amount, i am exhausted)

I was running Xubuntu a few days ago from a live cd, then i decided to go to BT5, also from a live cd. They are both seperate cds. When i type startx in BT5 console, it basically loads xfce from Xubuntu, and there is no trace of anly BT5 programs. How is the xfce desktop from Xubuntu being loaded while in BT5. And no, the only disk that is in my comp is BT5, not both BT5 and Xubuntu (11.04). Neither OS was installed on to a HD.

Info on BT5 download:

Name: BT5-GNOME-64.iso
Size: 1910
Flavor: GNOME
Arch: 64 bit
Image: ISO
Download: Direct
MD5: 75c4e7a969abc873d9e085656b156345