first off Im running an ASUS u56e i5 and windows7 home premium.I just purchased this laptop and was running backtrack5 R1 kde 64 bit on a live usb before on a compaq. When I boot the program via usb from bios it loads fine,however my wifi card isnt coming on with the program.I can run airmon-ng and nothing comes up no wlan or eth its like its not detecting my wifi card or the wifi card is not coming on when I run BT from the usb. I noticed the little light where the wifi icon is on my notebook isnt coming on either,probably meaning my card isnt on when Im running the program.Does anyone know how to change the settings to make this work cause on my old notebook I just booted the program and the wifi came on with the program so I really dont know if its a windows setting or bios.Email me if needed would b much appreciated.