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Thread: 1 antenna cards versus 2 antenna cards question/advice

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    Default 1 antenna cards versus 2 antenna cards question/advice

    Basically just looking for some opinions. I already own an ALFA awus036H. Works great. Have an ALFA awus036NH on the way to handle wireless N networks. Was looking at HWUN2 model (link @ bottom). Which is only model I could find that has 2 SMA ports on it, for 2 antennas. Its actually the only reliable model 2 antenna model I could find that is compatible with BT5, besides lotsa international sites with double antennas based off rt8187, have one of those on the way to, kinda scared it will just be cheap knockoff, so I am concentrating on more reliable brand names. Just wondering if you guys think double antennas are a waste of time/not the way to go, or if maybe my HWUN2 will be able to kick my alfas ass because it has 2 antennas.

    Another question is, using SMA T connector, its possible to hookup two antennas to one SMA port. Is doing this worthwhile? Have some T - Connectors on the way, along with a SkyCity rtl8187 knock off with double antennas from Hong Kong, After everything comes in, I will update this post with what I found out while testing T connectors with double antennas, and testing Adapter with 2 sma ports and double antennas, and also adapter with 2 sma ports using SMA T connectors to connect 4 antennas. But it will be 2 weeks until everything comes in and I can test and post results. Until than, any advice on wether I should grab an HWUN2 or if you guys think its a waste would be greatly appreciated. Figured i'd be able to find more info on this subject, but didn't have much luck, any input you guys can give me would be awesome.
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