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Thread: Cant get wirless to work on my R50e

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    Default Cant get wirless to work on my R50e

    I just installed BT5r1 2 days ago and I havenīt been able to get my wireless to work. Wicd just sayīs no wireless networks found. I have been trying to find some fix for this for 2 days straight. and I havenīt gotten anywhere.

    I think I have tried everything you can find on google and nothing has worked for me.

    Any help would be greatly appriciated.

    r50e 1834-bzg
    upgraded memory to 1,2 gig
    internal wifi 99% sure Itīs ipw2200

    after installing alot of drivers and firmwares I finally saw that wicd didn't add the wifi interface automatically to the settings so when I added eth1 to wireless interfacce name in wicd settings then it suddenly worked.

    also if you have problems with getting ipw2200 to get to monitor mode then you can try
    iwconfig eth1 start
    iwconfig eth1 mode monitor
    that way it worked for me and atleast in my case it very often goes randomly back to managed then just do the later command again.
    iwconfig eth1 mode monitor

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    Default Re: Cant get wirless to work on my R50e

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