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Thread: After install VMware airodump-ng hanging

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    Question After install VMware airodump-ng hanging

    hello i thing this is wrong section but i hop if you will help me in this problem, i am using backtrack 5 r1 but there is problem after installed VM ware when i am trying to use airodum-ng when i installed vm ware it's hanging there is no wireless shown, i tried to switch off the wireless then i can used, it's working but i can't continues because the wireless was working automatically i can't used the second command
    airodump-ng -c -w --bssid ( mac address ) wlan0 or mon0
    because it's hanging , there is any solution for this problem.
    best regards

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    Default Re: After install VMware airodump-ng hanging

    with my VM setup.. i have to use a 2nd wireless usb card and let the VM see it and use it.

    Your internal wireless card will not transfer to the VMware. I went and bought a netgear wg111 on sale a little bit ago. I think this may be your issue. You need a 2nd wireless usb card

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