Hi, I'm a complete beginner and I recently purchased 2 Alfa WiFi adapters, one of them being for my partner. I thought it would be useful to have both the AWUS036H and the AWUS036NH between us.
To date, only the AWUS036NH has arrived, so I've been trying it out with BT5.

root@bt:~# iwconfig>
wlan0 IEEE 802.11bg... (inbuilt adapter)

wlan1 IEEE 802.11bgn... (AWUS036NH)

OK so far.

root@bt:~# airmon-ng

Interface Chipset Driver
wlan0 Intel 3945ABG iwl3945 - [phy0]

wlan1 Unknown rt2800usb [phy1]

Most of the examples of AWUS036NH use within BT I've read on this and other forums have shown:

Interface Chipset Driver
wlan* Ralink RT2870/3070 rt2800usb

So the driver seems to be right and the card is functioning to some extent, but the "Unknown" chipset has me wondering whether the card is a fake or whether it's just incorrectly configured or drivered in BT5.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Ben Edwards