First of all I have to say that I'm prety new in the Linux world.

I'm trying to install Backtrack in the HDD of an old laptop where I already have Windows running and I already have re-partitionated the HDD following the advices of these forums and the BackTrack documents.

The problem is that the BackTrack LiveCd doesn't end the boot process because it syas that the unit from where I'm trying to boot is not supported, because it is an SCSI or PCMCIA CDRom.

In fact it is an internal CDRom, but as far as I can remember I feel it is (or it simulates to be) on a PCMCIA-type connection. Anyway, there are other mini-distro (as Hax-Puppy, for instance) that are able to finalize the boot process (even they say that this particular laptop is "unsupported").

The question then are: Is there any way that I could install BadTrack in my re-partitioned HDD without the need of having done boot of the BT LiveCD? Can I do it after booting from Windows for instance? Can I do it having done boot from another LiveCD Linux minidistro (Hax-Puppy, for instance)?

Because I'm assuming that I cannot change the HDD and put it in another laptop where the LiveCD DOES boot, I feel that in this case the installation would detect different devices in the laptop and, thus, the installation would not be valid for the other laptop.

Thanks for your help