Hello everybody - I am new to Linux & I have the following issue:

I have 2 monitors (EIZO S1931 & S1932) & an ATI Radeon HD 4850. When I start the monitors show the same thing - I go to system settings > Display and Monitors > Size & Orientation & I am trying to fix everything.

To begin with, the system is not applying always whatever I set it to do - e.g. I will set DVI-0 as absolute & DVI-1 either on the right of DVI-0 or as an absolute at position 1280,0 & DVI-1 will go blank...

Even worse, when I close & reopen the SIze & Orientation menu it displays values different from my current ones.

Anyway, if I lose 15 minutes I will get it to function properly (usually I need to select the "clone" setting as an intermediate step for everything), BUT if I close the system & restart it everything is gone & I have to start from scratch!!!

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?