Hi Everyone,

I just set up a multi boot installation with Backtrack 5 R1 x64 KDE and Windows 7 Ultimate. This is my HDD Layout:
Primary - Backtrack 5 R1 (40GB, ext4)
  - Swap (10GB)
  - Windows Games (366GB, NTFS)
Primary - Windows System (the 100mb one, NTFS)
Primary - Windows 7 Ultimate(136GB, NTFS)
This is my basic hardware setup:
Intel I7-2600K
Asrock Z68 Fatal1ty Gen3
8GB DDR3-1333 (2*4GB)
WD Velociraptor 640GB
NVidia GTX 580AMP!
My Problem isn't the speed itself, the whole OS works pretty fast. But every few seconds I have no Internet Connection. When there is a "stable" connection, a download speed test brings me a result of about ~900kb/sec down and mostly fails at upload. I actually got 100MBit down and 2,5MBit up. Also my Overall HDD Performance seems to be pretty bad when copying files for example.
Has anybody an idea what the solution for my problem could be?

Best regards,