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Thread: boot from USB in grub

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    Default boot from USB in grub

    Well i have my old travelmate 803LCi which actually havent USB boot and installation through cd-rom got me a kernel panic or get stucked @ 99% even for hours... I was able to install BT4R1 with pdlfloppy a year ago but i cant find it anymore..
    So i was looking for a USB boot with grub..
    I can edit the old menu.lst from BT4R1 adding this:

    label BT5 USB
    root (hd1,0) <--usb
    kernel /casper/vmlinuz
    initrd /casper/initrd.gz

    Now something seems to start but when it reach the VGA it crash dropping to Busybox shell.. i tryed with unetbootin and i tryed with copy/paste of all the BT5 distro on USB but nothing..
    Any suggestions pls?

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    Default Re: boot from USB in grub

    I found this on Ubuntu Forums: HOWTO: Boot from USB Flash Drive using Grub. You can try it from the BT4R1 partition.
    Also, if you have enough RAM, you can try to follow my guide:
    Guide: Installing BT4 to HDD using VirtualBox
    If you don't have windows installed on that computer, you can adapt the guide to work with BT4, but it will require some research.

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    I have wxp too but since it has 512mb ram i wouldnt pass through vm... anyway i just need to understand how my usb should be created...just copy/paste or what? it seems im able to load part of the kernel but it crashes so with that method it should be the same.. what's the file which allow backtrack power up sequence? vmlinuz right?

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    Default Riferimento: boot from USB in grub

    Is it possible that Grub 1.5 or something makes some conflict with the one BT5 is trying to install?? which should be GRUB2...

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