Good afternoon.

Previously I've been using BT4, gpsd & airodump-ng without any issues, but with BT 5 I am experiencing issues - namely airodump-ng does not seem to pick up the data from gpsd.

BT4 would happily write the geo-coords to the screen and file with:
airodump-ng --gpsd -w outfile
BT5 refuses to. Here are my notes/troubleshooting attempts:

gpsd version working on BT4 was 2.37
gpsd not working on BT5 is 2.92

Hardware detected OK on BT5 the same as BT4:
....gps0 -> ttyUSB0
but noted gpspipe command missing. Tried to add this with
apt-get install gpsd-clients
but bombed out with an error because of installed package xgps
removed xgps with apt-get remove xgps and successfully installed gpsd-clients.

Now able to run gpspipe -r / gpspipe -w and both produce co-ords, so hardware running. Noted different format with the -w option compared to BT4 - however, assuming (this may be fatal) that airodump parses NMEA anyway.

Noted that whilst on BT4 & BT5 gpsd listens on port 2947, BT5's gpsd 2.92 dpkg-reconfigure gpsd requests an extra param GPSD_SOCKET="/var/run/gpsd.sock" (default) that it stuffs into /etc/default/gpsd. Removing this and trying to start it errors out.

Can anyone offer me the next steps to take to troubleshoot this? I can put BT4 onto the machine, but it seems a step backwards.

TIA. Leslie