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Thread: Newfrog alfa copy issue

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    Default Newfrog alfa copy issue

    I have newfrog sku: 2137 SKU: 2002(the one with the dragon logo), supposedly a 1000mw RTL8187L. It's working, and is indeed RTL8187L chipset, but I seem to have a different version than others who have posted here:

    Mine is a green board, not blue, and has "WN517GP" printed on it. Upon searching I found that the manufacturer claims 500mw, not 1000mw. Using the r8187 driver, injection fails at everything above 250mw (24 dBm). I use the following commands to set it up (of course having tried higher txpower as mentioned):


    iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1
    iwconfig wlan0 txpower 24

    Am I missing something, or has newfrog pulled a bait and switch? I'm otherwise happy with the card but this issue bugs me.

    For anyone else with this issue, I managed to fix the problem by starting networking after loading the r8187 driver, and full "txpower 30" works for injection. Not sure why this is necessary since monitor mode and injection work fine without doing so at "txpower 24".

    This is the script I use that works; the ifconfig and macchanger lines are of course optional:

    ifconfig wlan0 down
    macchanger -A wlan0
    iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1
    iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30

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    Default Re: Newfrog alfa copy issue

    You can view more about the wifi wireless accessories for more comparison!

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