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Thread: black screen on live cd

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    Question black screen on live cd

    Hi all. I am trying to install backtrack 5 onto my laptop but when i start up, i get the default wall paper with all of the text, then the screen goes black. After a few minutes i stuck a powerful flashlight up against the LCD screen and realized that the cmd line is there, the lcd backlight is just off. So i typed startx, X starts, gnome starts an using the flashlight i can sort of see the wall paper and dialogs etc. I tried on my gateway machine as well, and the same result. Anyone have any ideas? i have an acer aspire 5734z. are there perhaps proprietary drivers i need? and my main question is will this happen after i install as well. a friend of mine had the same thing happened, but after 20 or so reboots, he got it to work on the live disc with the backlight on, but now everytime he starts up the dell laptop the same happens as when he was on the live cd. he has to reboot 20 or so times before it boots properly ONCE.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: ok i installed using a flash light against the screen. still having the problem again on the installed system. If i plug a different monitor into the on board VGA slot i can see it, but not on the laptop's built-in monitor. How do i fix this is it a driver issue. Every other distro ive tried has not had this problem. i used to use ubuntu on this machine but i have experimented with live distros of debian, fedora, open suse, slitaz and even backtrack 4 r2. Id go back to 4 butif there is one think i hate about linux its KDE. I was overjoyed to find out that bt5 had a gnome edition.


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