Hi ive literally given up, im tryin to use backtrack 5, but its givin me too many problems, so im quitting. But i want to know how to remove the whole boot up menu option that i get when i turn on my computer. I had installed it with a live usb, and after doing so, everytime i would log in it would re direct me to that screen, which i cant have mainly because this is my school's laptop that they provided for engineering and i want to make sure everything atleast APPEARS to be the way it was when i first got it lol. With respect to removing it from the usb, i believe i just need to format it right?

But once again the most important part of my question is how do i remove the boot up menu i get which ask's me what do i want to boot with, my usb, or regular windows 7.. i need to get rid of it.

Thanks n much love