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Thread: Audit Of Data Centre

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    Cool Audit Of Data Centre


    I am new to back track version 5, But having 6+ year expertise in RedHat Linux & it's clone system "CentOS & Fedora". Till date, I have never configured an audit system like "Back Track" as I am using native linux tools to monitor my Data Centre. This includes;

    "netstat -ntpul"

    & many more............

    Now, As per my company's request, they want me to engage with "Back Track" & make "full flanged" audit report of my existing Data Centre, which includes;

    HP-Unix Server
    IBM-AIX Server
    Windows IIS & ADS
    RHEL based Squid Proxies with "iptables" based firewall
    Oracle Application Server,on which our website is running
    Oracle Database Server with RAC(Real Application Cluster)

    So, I would like to know "How to audit my entire Data Center" using "Back Track"....

    - Nishith N.Vyas

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    Default Re: Audit Of Data Centre

    This is not something you should play with, especially on a real company. Best way to deal with this is to tell your employer that you are not qualified for something like this and he should hire someone specialized in this field.
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