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Thread: crack-MY_WPA_key

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    Default Re: crack-MY_WPA_key

    in my OCLHASHCAT (v0.4) + max supported characters in "hash" 14
    my WPA-TKIP (in the video) have 24 chars!

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    Default Re: crack-MY_WPA_key

    hello, i just tried following your video that you had setup very informative by the way, i am very new at BT. and while following your video; when i tried entering python-switcher --27 i got

    [-] Fixing [-]

    then i tried pyrit benchmark and got

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "usr/local/bin/pyrit", line 4 in <module>
    import pyrit_cli
    ImportError: No module named pyrit_cli

    then just plain pyrit and got the same message and unfortunately i have no idea what that means because of my inexperience,how do i resolve this issue? would greatly appreciate it

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    Default Riferimento: crack-MY_WPA_key

    the python-switcher is not required!
    I am obliged to use it because in MY installation BT5-r1 (kdex64bit) is the only way (for now) [my little experience that knows] to run PYRIT-CUDA ..
    check if your installation: CUDA drivers, CUDA-pyrite, etc. .. everything is ok!
    look at the wiki:
    maybe you do not have python-switched!

    ps: I can not tell if my problem is a 64bit,... my "" "Hardware" "" or a bug in pyrit-cuda, or... bt .... I know they are not alone in having to perform this maneuver to make it work!
    regards zimmaro the g0at-brain!

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