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Thread: Dual Boot Format & Restore...Is it possible.

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    Default Dual Boot Format & Restore...Is it possible.

    Hello to everybody.
    I am having some serious issues with my win7 installation and i guess it is time to "hit the reoad"
    The trouble is that this is dual boot system with backtrack 5r1.
    So the 1,000,000$ is ihave already an image of my win7 installation BUT before the Backtrack repartition.
    Is it possible to image Backtrack format the whole drive and then restore both images to a working state...
    Please advise.

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    Default Re: Dual Boot Format & Restore...Is it possible.

    Personally, I don't think so I'd put down the Windows 7 image...was it using the whole drive at the time of the image? Then, reinstall BackTrack per the wiki recommendations for a dual boot. Now, having said that, you may be able to use something like gparted to safely put down both images on your drive. I'm not confident that would work, though.
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