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Thread: step 4 of dual boot backtrack 5r1

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    Default step 4 of dual boot backtrack 5r1

    The first time I tried to install 5 r1 as a dual boot I got the option of installing them side by side. I didn't select a good partition so I went back. This time I was only given the choice of: erase entire disc or specify partitions manually. I tried starting over but the side by side option doesn't reappear. I tried rebooting still no side by side option. Step 5: prepare partitions lists: device: /dev/sdal type: ntfs size:80015 mb used: unknown. I have no idea what to do at this point. If I go forward I get the pop up: No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu. I have xp on a toshiba laptop. I would like to dual boot until I'm comfortable with backtrack then get rid of windows. Thanks

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    Default Re: step 4 of dual boot backtrack 5r1

    As the Wiki mentions Backtrack is recommended for users with highly advanced Linux knowledge. I would recommend you take another OS like Ubuntu or something else which is more easy until you get familiar with Linux.
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