Hi there,

I've been looking for quite some time on how to make my Asus n-13 usb work with Backtrack5 but it doesn't get recognize.

I tried to see if I could hack my own WEP keys security setup (testing purposes only), been following tutorials but I cant get it to work


My USB wifi is compatible with Backtrack5? On the page, it says it has Linux Support.

I have been googling for days now and I am a complete, total, absolete noob on linux and I tried to follow some guide on how to install linux drivers or whatever, it doesnt seem to work. So here I throw everything on the table for you guys, perhaps someone could help me. Because my other option is to buy an alfa wireless card (30$) but I don't want to spend on it unless I am 100% sure that my usb wifi is not compatible.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

PS: Im using VMWare(Win7) + Backtrack5