I have a Dell 64 bit machine. It has two hard drives, an 80gig SSD on which Windows 7 is installed, and also a 700gig drive used for data. When I installed backtrack I made a partition on my secondary drive. When I restarted my computer after BT5 installation, it booted of my SSD to load Windows, which I should have expected. So I restarted again this time opening the boot menu and choosing my secondary HDD in the hopes it would run BT5 without any problems. After about 2 minutes, I received an error saying the OS was not able to start.

So how to fix this... Is there something simple here that a more experienced person sees right away? Do I need changes in my BIOS?
Also, being that I'm new to linux, I don't necessarily wan't my secondary HDD as master.
How might I set this up?

My apologies for being so nooby, and yes I tried google.