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Thread: Finding a companies IP address

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    Default Finding a companies IP address

    I have been reading alot lately in the news that China is attacking small companies. The thing I can not figure out is how they are getting their IP address. Most small companies have their web site hosted so that will not help. I know you can get it from email but is there a good way to get a small companies IP address? I am in IT by trade and I know most small companies get there IP address from their internet provider. Like a block of any where from 1 to 10.


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    Default Re: Finding a companies IP address

    There are many ways in which a person could find an IP address. I would suggest you have a look on google under such search terms as "find IP address" or "determine website's IP address" or something along those lines.
    Consider that there are roughly 4 billion IPv4 addresses possible, then take one or more tools to scan those addresses one can deduce from the information that is returned what is running at said address. Again there are many guides and tutorials on the internet that are better suited than this forum to help you with this.
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