hi, i boot the bt5 from my usb stick(the bt5 is unzip from the iso to the Backtrack directory) with the following grub2 entry

menuentry ">>[3] Backtrack" {
all_generic_ide pci=nommconf
linux /Backtrack/casper/vmlinuz live-media-path=/Backtrack/casper/
boot=casper text splash vga=791-- ide=nodma acpi=off
initrd /Backtrack/casper/initrd.gz

it works successfully. But a lot of squashfs errors happen when shudown like this:
SQUASHFS error: squashfs+read_data failed to read block xxxxxxxx
SQUASHFS error: Unable to read fragment cache entry [xxxxxxxx]
SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page, block xxxxxxxx, size

i have checked the md5 sum, it's correct.
so anyone can help?