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Thread: Download Problems with Backtrack 5

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    Default Download Problems with Backtrack 5

    Here's my problem, I go to the download page and select a flavor a Backtrack (I tried many different combinations) and every time it starts downloading just fine but then stops at around the 200 - 250 MB range. I can't figure out why this is happening or how to fix it. Any suggestions or answers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Download Problems with Backtrack 5

    Perhaps give it another try. That sounds like your connection to the download server is timing out. If this is case, there is not much we can do about it, unless we determine which of the download mirrors you are using. You might also try the torrent as well.
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    Default Re: Download Problems with Backtrack 5

    I had a problem too when I first downloaded mine. I tried 2 times and then decided on the torrent. That did the trick, was my first time using torrent even so I had to find a torrent provider (for lack of a better term) and the download was done in just a few minutes. In fact I got 32 and 64 bit versions since it went so well.

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    Default Re: Download Problems with Backtrack 5

    1. Turn off any download managers you have installed.
    2. Try downloading again.
    3. If downloading exhibits the same issue (failing around 225MB) then try downloading an ISO (or similarly large file) from another source.
    • If it doesn't happen again then obviously the problem was your end or something intermittent.
    • If it happens from another source then obviously the problem is on your end (or @ your ISP).
    • If it doesn't happen with another source then there must be a problem at the source (server sending the file) or between you and the source (network).
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