Hi All

I'm new to Linux (well used Fedora in the past), but have recently started an Information Security Bsc (Hons) Degree. Pen Testing etc will not be covered until year 3 (tad to far away for my liking, lol) Well i thought i might as well get the ball rolling now and see what i can learn previous to the lectures we will be having within our Lab.

Right so i downloaded a copy of Back Track 5r1 64 bit, Gnome. Installed it to a 16gb scan disk USB mem stick.

All that works fine.

So my next step, see what can be done after watching some tutorials.

I set my router to WEP encrption since i heard it was the easiest to crack Obviously learning for ethical reasons and not with malicious intent!

The First prob to occur was:

Couldnt see my Wifi card. After reading i found there was alot of pising about to get it recognised, so went a purchased a Air Station-G Wireless USB Stick.

Loaded the OS and there it was displaying local wireless networks.

I followed the tutorial and within 10mins cracked my key.

SO i then want to logon to my OWN wireless router. Means i dont have to have my Studio PC connected to the net whilst reading info on BT5R1.

After inserting the correct passkey into Wicd Network MAnager and pressing 'connect; it went throught the usual tasks of logging into the router:

  • Obataining IP Address

After a few miniutes of trying to connect i get the error 'Connection FAiled: Unable To Get IP Address'

Now today in university i had no problems in connecting to their wireless network, even though i did get kicked off every 5/10 minutes.

Usually when using Windows (Sorry for swearing) i could go to hardware device manager and see if there any driver issues. But i cant find this option within Back Track OS.


1) is this a common fault with Wicd Network Manager? (Ihave read on their web page that it could be down to 'power saving mode' of the wireless device. But once again cant find the device wihtin hardware to reconfig.

2) is it a rubbish wireless device for what i wish to perform?

i have also had issues on my Studio pc. which has a 'Wireless 11g 54Mbps PCI Card' inside.

ONce again could pick up wireless devices in my area. Also break the WEP Encryption Key but same error on loggon onto the router 'Connection FAiled: Unable To Get IP Address'.

it seems strange that i can logon to my University wireless network but not my homes using BT5R1.

HArdware for computers used:

Intel Celeron (DualCore) T3500 2.10GHz
3gb RAm DDR2

USB: Mem stick Scan Disk 16gb
USB: Air-Station Wireless-G

Studio PC:

Intel Quadcore 2.6ghz
4gm RAM DDR2
Wireless 11g 54 Mbps PCI CArd

Router: BT Business Hub

Any help would be very grateful!!!