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Thread: New to bt and alot of questions!

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    Default New to bt and alot of questions!

    Hello all
    i have bt5 in virtual mashine but i want to install it in an empty hdd which i made it
    i have win7 x64 in C:\ and im afraid that if i install and bt win may not boot ?
    and that may **** up my pc warranty ?
    so i have another question
    i got 3 wireles around but they require password and after that password it requires user and password which is made by net administrator
    so is any way to crack it ?
    thanks alot whoever ansers

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    Default Re: New to bt and alot of questions!

    Here is the best way to crack such passwords:

    1. You get a phone.
    2. You call your ISP / Net Administrator.
    3. Tell him that you are a customer, give him your details.
    4. Ask him for the username and password.

    If he gives you the username and password consider it cracked.

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