I am looking for tips/hints/pointers to a script or API that can be used for open-source intelligence search for faces.

Situation is this: I have been assigned a task where I have a pretty large archive of digitized footage of people that I need to connect with other information we have on these individuals and I am looking for some way to use open sources and automate the process as we are in a bit of a rush. I know that Google and Facebook have indexing (Facebooks API isn't open, I suppose) and there might be other open sources we could use too.

For example, you search for a name and Google image search results like this:

... but is it possible to do it the other way around (parse image material) and find web pages/names? Or could I somehow compare the image results from Google (we have some information) with the images we have from cameras?

The dataset we have is very large (around 200 hours) of video footage, so you can figure that... uuh. It's a lot of image information to parse here.

I am sorry if I am a bit incomprehensive; been working very very late lately...

Any ideas are welcome at this point.

Thanks in advance.