So I just recently installed backtrack 5R1 to my desktop as a dualboot via USB and made a new non-root user account. After logging in for the

first time to my new user accnt an auto package update GUI poped up and requested that I download several pckg updates. I agreed, but after

about 95% was done I recieved an error msg...


...and was told to report it.

i have no idea what this means, just that this pckg didn't install correctly?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also lamens terms would be helpful as
I am no IT proffesional.

aslo as a side note i've been battling with your image verifier on the forums trying to post this simple thread for hours. very annoying.
is it case sensitive? no idea it doesn't specify. trial and error ftw.... 2 hours later maybe ill have this posted.