Great script and the vids are also very helpful.

I'm working out some problems now I'm seeing with my attempt at running the eviltwin access point. If I do the static access point, I can connect and get internet access. However with eviltwin I can't connect. I added -v to the airbase-ng command and can see probes, but it never connects. I found some posts about airbase-ng by default using channel 255 for some hardware setups. The suggestion is to add in a valid channel, e.g. -c 6, to the command. I haven't tried this yet, but expect it may resolve my issue.

Also, f_aircrackupdate() seems to be missing a couple of steps. The source code updates, but doesn't get compiled so the revision doesn't change when running one of the programs. After the svn up command, need to add make and make install commands.