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    Exclamation < Problem with S.E.T >

    hello mates...

    today morning i set up my bt5 KDE 4 dual boot with windows 7 at my acer aspire 5552G (AMD Athlon II x2 processor P320, 2GB ram ddr3, ATI mobility HD 5470)
    after a problem with the wireless card that i solved i said to myself "lets start work..". i update metasploit successfully. So i update set tool with the command svn update i took an error : "svn: Failed to add directory 'src': an unversioned directory of the same name already exists"
    i didn't mention it.. I started write at the config file with the command nano config/set_config (i had a little help from
    so when i finished with the config file i typed ./set to start work. HERE IS THE PROBLEM ==> i took this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./set", line 2, in <module>
    from src.core import setcore
    ImportError: cannot import name setcore

    i need help with this THANKS IN ADVANCE and sorry for my bad English

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    Default Re: < Problem with S.E.T >

    Hmm...I'm no expert, but it looks like when the svn update failed it corrupted your install of SET. I'd try re-installing SET.
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