Hi ther.

So, I haven't been around BT since the first releaste of BT4 - which isn't that long time ago - but still I'm a fairly newbieuser, so I'd like some help regard this problem.
I recently formatted my computer, re-installed Windows Vista 64-Ultimate, and thereafter I tried to install BT5 alongside with that. Apparently, after the installation had completed, I wasn't prompted with the regular bootscreen where I could choose what OS to boot from. I tried several guides online with my live-cd and tried to re-install Grub but it didnt help. I also encountered a problem where it refused to install Grub2, as there was some fault that it only stated as


I tried downloading the BT5 instead of BT5R1 and it was still the same problem. I have no problem booting from CD and I've tried to re-burn the image several times, still no Grub. What can/should I do?

.. Oh, and if you need any information about my hardware, just ask.