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Thread: Cowpatty / Genpmk Backtrack 5 R1

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    Default Cowpatty / Genpmk Backtrack 5 R1

    I've downloaded multiple copies of Backtrack 5 R1 and every install on disc or USB have been missing the directory /pentest/wireless/cowpatty/.

    So my question is the directory somewhere different in Backtrack 5 R1 or do I have to install it? and if I have to install it, my question becomes does it not come included???

    In every directory I've tried to open genpmk or cowpatty for any reason it says it's not found, and the directory doesn't exist. Could I be missing something as simple as I have to have aireplay-ng or something else running before genpmk/cowpatty will respond?

    I was unsure if this is where I should post this, because it seems to be either a "beginner" mistake or a bug with my downloads. I've considered going back to 4 but I just like 5.

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    Default Re: Cowpatty / Genpmk Backtrack 5 R1

    both cowpatty and genpmk are installed by default and are working, there is no /pentest/wireless/cowpatty directory

    check your md5 of the iso you are using

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