I Get an FATAL: Error inserting wl (/lib/modules/ Invalid module format
after trying to use the hybrid driver. I dont get any wireless connections at wicd (I've activated it), i can now see the driver in the new menu system-administration-hardware drivers, it says its activated but not in use. I also tried pretty much everything, but this seems to be the newest driver and I assume its for an old kernel and I cant think of another solution except maybe downgrading kernel. I am using the 32bit gnome. Is there any solution to this, I cant find anything in any ubuntu forums and I havent had such problems with a wireless card before (first time using linux on this laptop though - hp probook 4515s). There is a thread with people confirming it can inject etc., but I cant seem to fix the drivers in any way. I can show ifconfig and any results if it will help.