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Thread: BT 5 R1 issues

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    Cool BT 5 R1 issues

    I've downloaded the latest version of backtrack 5 R1 Gnome 32 burned the .iso on a dvd and boot it in a toshiba qosmio x300-130 laptop
    Although that the windows i used to have installed on this laptop worked great, with backtrack i face some problems...When i boot the dvd and i am in the start menu when i have to choose between text mode etc. all in all options ( except no Drm Drivers) the screen crashes and many dashed lines appear...
    When i choose No DRM drivers i can normally go to the interface..(some of the lines are still there but at least i can do something)the i install backtrak on my hard drive choosing to format it..The installation finishes i restart the computer i boot with the hard drive but then matter if i choose Safe mode or recovery mode or whatever the lines appear and the computer crushes...any suggestion?

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    Default Re: BT 5 R1 issues

    Have you tried burning a new copy? Maybe there was an issue during the burningphase or the img/iso may be corrupt.

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    Default Re: BT 5 R1 issues

    Definitely verify the MD5 hash against the one posted in the download area.
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