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Thread: I am stuck but making progress

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    Question I am stuck but making progress

    I have an 8 GB usb flash with Backtrack R1 installed (64 bit)

    It boots fine and I was able to do the following:


    I get wlan0 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy0]

    macchanger -s wlan0

    yields my MAC address.

    Using the networking, I can connect to my WIFI

    However, if I try using airodump-ng ... it indicates no connection and it gives a "very exciting" message. UGGH!

    On another USB drive I have Ubuntu that boots and connects to the internet. I can surf using Firefox. No prolem

    I am stuck.

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    Default Re: I am stuck but making progress

    You probably should read some more about the aircrack suite and how to use it.
    airmon-ng wlan0 start

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