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Thread: any good experience with zydas1211B chipset ?

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    Question any good experience with zydas1211B chipset ?

    im planning to buy this nifty usb with patch antenna adapter for my personal lab

    i know it's zydas 1211b based and in aircrack-ng they said now it's fully supported.........

    so before i lost money i just ask here for a double check of compability issues....

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    Never seen one but it looks pretty nifty. Please tell us how it preforms

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    I have received a SMCWUSB-G dongle as a gift (zd1211b) and I have had good results as soon as i patched the drivers. Injection works great and i was getting about 500pps.

    I have found a device which is basically the same product as the
    PheeNet WLU-805G but under a different manufacturer name...

    Airlink101 AWLL3055

    I emailed Airlink 101 and they confirmed it has the zd1211b chipset.
    This device can be picked up at Frys Electronics for about $45.00 in the US.
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