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Thread: Hybrid Botnet System V.1.0 & QuadNX/NT

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    Default Re: Hybrid Botnet System V.1.0 & QuadNX/NT

    Quote Originally Posted by roybatty View Post
    Sure, That's exactly what I'd say should my resume included working 6 years for the NSA.

    How's the weather today in NYC?

    Just kidding ...
    What?! I only got into security recently!

    I used to be a greeting card salesman for Potomac
    Still not underestimating the power...

    There is no such thing as bad information - There is truth in the data, so you sift it all, even the crap stuff.

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    Default Re: Hybrid Botnet System V.1.0 & QuadNX/NT

    Quote Originally Posted by skinnypuppy View Post
    I read your article Gitsnik and thought it was very informative, thank you.

    Features of Hybrid Botnet System:
    - Sleep
    - TCP Storm
    - SYN Storm
    - UDP Storm
    - Delete bot from remote machine
    - Reverse Shell
    - E.R.T.E
    - FTP Crack
    - Download & Execute

    We can configure it in virtual machines for testing of devices like firewall, IPS, IDS, log co-relator etc. and check handling of TCP and UDP packets by our customized application or pre-installed ones. Botnets are not viewed as as a security product but for a change we use them to find potential of security products we can use disadvantage of botnet into advantage use it in a controlled environment.

    As far as Hybrid is concerned, as they aren't updating it anymore, there is no sense in this being a request for it to be added any more. I was unaware of the Jan 17th notice posted on their site, I've been using Hybrid for a while now to stress test web server apps, loading the bot with SQL Injection Payloads XSS payloads, FTP Cracking, reverse shell, IDS/IPS and Firewall stress testing, download and execute, password file retrieval, floods, etc.

    Here is a good link on SQL Injection and Bots to give a simple explanation.

    Running on a 12gb ram test C&C server you can emulate thousands of attacks thus producing different results with your payload options. It could be seen as a useless skriddie tool for the construction of crimeware, I simply utilize it to stress test apps using as many prongs as I can.

    look this site Security-Shell: Hybrid Botnet System v.1.0 released

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