I have finished working on the Beta release for my project to create a user-friendly interface to customizing and updating Back|Track. It is available via svn
svn checkout backtrack-update
It has two parts to it: and will allow the end-user to mount the Back|Track iso in a chroot environment will allow the end-user to modify either the host Back|Track operating system or to update the chroot environment for

There was a thread sometime a while back discussing the need for an update script to Back|Track 5 and one fella posted the right idea, but that script needed some tweaking for mkisofs and such. It also was very messy with how it handled the directories it created and such. I took the time to fix this; I do not claim original credit for the ISO modification script; I've just tweaked it a bit.

The exciting part is the script. This script is not for the apt-get side of the house. It is aimed more towards directories that require 'svn up' or ' -update' type stuff..... If a user wants to add in something via apt-get, they can simply do that by hand. The underlying feature is that it will allow the user to "Multi-Thread" updates via backgrounding of multiple xterm sessions. It doesn't multi-thread in the TCP/IP aspect, but it has the ability to launch multiple updates at once, thereby allowing the user to take full advantage of high-bandwidth downloads and such. Regarding where I had the ideas for what to update and such I give to sickn3ss; good job bro. (Now that I think about it, on the next revision of the script which is coming soon, I must include you in the credits)

The work on is far from done. I've used a -hold flag for xterm which forces the user to manually close each xterm screen that is launched (This was so the user could see when that specific command is finished, otherwise it would closeout without the user seeing whether is was successful or not). As soon as I implement a tail log feature for successes/failures of updating, I will erase the hold flag.

As well, I am in need of ideas for what to include on this script. It is very versatile and can have pretty much anything at all added to it.

Thanks for your time and please send feedback to my email listed in the comments of the scripts!