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Hi all,

I first off done my handshake, but just to point out that i do not have bt2 installed im working off my hda4 & everything saves there, there was NO files in etc/dhcpc, so I have created my wpa_supplicant.conf file in etc directory
I have then ran the commands as follows

I am running this inside the etc directory, as I have tried while in
bt root #
bt hda4 #
& only seems to work when in bt etc #

bt etc # chmod 755 wpa_supplicant.conf
bt etc # wpa_supplicant -w -Dwext -iath0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
Failed to read read or parse configuration '/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf'.
bt etc # wpa_supplicant -w -Dwext -iath0 -c/etc wpa_supplicant.conf **WITHOUT THE / BEFORE WPA_SUPPLICANT.CONF AND GET THIS
ioctl[SIOCSIWMODE]: Invalid argument
Could not configure driver to use managed mode
CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING - signal 2 recieved

This is where I am stuck
Your using an Atheros chipped card? If so make sure yours is ath0 and not ath1, ath2 etc...If it is one of the ath1, ath2..etc's..use them instead of my ath0.


BTW please post your wpa supplicant for me to take a look at. And are you sure your using WPA AES and not WPA TKIP or WPA2 TKIP or WPA2 AES+TKIP???