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Thread: Help Uninstalling BT5

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    Default Help Uninstalling BT5

    Alright im going to soud like a complete idiot but here I go, Im a complete noob at linux (I've only used Ubuntu in the past) and was told (probably trolled) that BT5 would be good for me and that I would love it. So thinking how different could it be I decided to install it. After about 5 minutes with it I realized I had no idea what was going on. So anyways if anyone could please explain to me in super noob terms how to uninstall it would be great. Any help appreciated, And I know I made a pretty stupid mistake, and should have researched it more, so theres no need to make me further feel dumb lol.

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    Well, there's not an uninstaller for BT5--that's the bad news BackTrack is a specialized distro of Ubuntu Linux, and as you found out, it's quite different from a standard distro. Is this a dual boot install? If so, you could use something like gparted (you can find it on sourceforge) to just wipe out the BT5 install & reclaim all your drive space for your primary O/S. Also (against assuming a dual boot install) you may be able to use partition tools in your primary O/S to get rid of BackTrack that way. Good luck!
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    I don't think I've seen any OS with and uninstall program. If BT was only OS on computer you should be able to run another OS's installer and use its disk partitioning to wipe the drive. If you were dual booting then all a lot of "if's" come into play.

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