Hey Y'all
So I recently was able to get mobile terminal to work on my iPod touch by downloading it from the correct Cydia source (bear with me this is Backtrack related!)
and I was able to access the shell and it gives me Davids-dethpod:~ mobile$ and from there I can su to root, etc. perform many actions that would normally only be accessible by the shell. Now, I'm not sure, but I think that Apple's NIC's and the corresponding chipsets are not capable of monitor mode or packet injection, the reason I believe this is because when I type airmon-ng (I have installed the aircrack suite as well as libPcap and libgcc and APT it's available from a source through Cydia) at root it says wireless tools not found now, granted, backtrack is cool, but in part of my justification on whether or not to install backtrack to this device, I wanted to know if I could use the monitor mode dependent parts of Backtrack on that device, and if not, if there might be some way to reverse engineer an iPod interface cable to have a FEMALE usb connection on the other end instead of the male connector, and then use a wireless usb network adaptor to take care of the RFMON and injection stuff, a bit of a longshot, but it would be very cool nonetheless, I am asking for ideas here, there seems to be a lack of explicit technical data on the idevices internal workings other than just 802.11 b/g/n capable @ 2.4 Ghz. Thank you for your input!