I posted this over at Overclock.net but I figured this would help some people out here as well since most of us run BT as root user.

I tried running Screenlets on my backtrack build as root user just to find out the program denies most features to the root user. I googled this issue and found one tutorial that stopped the error from popping up but the program still recognized me as being the root user and limited the features available to me.

With few options I decided to give it a shot and it works just fine. Here is what I did.

1) Open up a terminal and type

hexedit /usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py
2) Once the hexedit opens up press Tab to toggle the ASCII (TEXT)

3) Press CTRL + S to open up a search prompt, search "geteuid"

4) Replace "geteuid" with "getppid"

5) Press CTRL + X to save and exit

VIOLA!!! Everything should work as expected. If you are annoyed with the prompt that says you are running as root user you can always use this method courtesy of http://www.webupd8.org/2009/06/how-t...c-and-awn.html

1. Press Alt + F2, enter or open a terminal and type:
gedit /usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py
2. Search for:
if USER == 0

And replace 0 with 1, each time the above code is displayed.