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Thread: System Beep on Shutdown

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    Default System Beep on Shutdown

    Hello Everyone. I am running a Dell Inspiron 15r with intel core i5. I have a side by side boot going on my computer. I am having a slightly annoying problem with my BackTrack 5. Whenever I shutdown my computer after booting BackTrack and doing whatever I need to do, I get this loud uncontrollable beep. I have looked on many other forums and posts on this website and others and cannot find a solution to my problem.

    I appreciate the help

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    I know this isn't the greatest option... but try looking in your bios to disabled the motherboard speaker or, if there isn't an option take a look at your motherboard some have detachable speakers. sorry i couldn't be of more help :-\

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    Do you installed BT5 with the KDE xserver?I got the same issue.Click the sound logo in the bar right side,and open the Kmix panel.

    Choose set option please,drag the one called "beep" into right side where with two words "visible channel".

    Then,go back to kmix panel and make beep off.

    I can not use English very well,hope you could understand the meaning about these words.

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