Hello everyone. I have been testing side-jacking of a client; however, I am running into issue with speed. I do run a wireless, however I am well within range, signal strength (100%), and I receive a continuous flow of beacons.

I am running hamster and ettercap with the following:
ettercap -Tqi wlan0 -M arp // //
I configure hamster to use the wlan adapter once I visit the local proxy of 127.0.01:1234 which it then shows hamster capturing packets.

I have tried ettercap/wireshark to dump to a file, then use ferret to strip cookies and run hamster, but I run into the same speed issue.

Also, is there a benefit of using ettercap/wireshark to write traffic to a file, then use ferret/hamster to strip the cookies? To me that is just a waste of time if the local hamster page can be configured to do the sniffing for you (and if you are side-jacking a session, time is of the essence).

Thanks in advance!