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Thread: Ettercap and SET Problem

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    Exclamation Ettercap and SET Problem

    Hi,this is my first post here.I have a problem with dns spoofing .I run BackTrack 5 R1 Gnome 32-Bit on Virtual Box and I try to dns spoof the entire network,so I start SET with no problems at all.The thing is,when I am done with SET and run the command "ettercap -T -q -P dns_spoof -M ARP // //",I get the "Activating dns_spoof plugin",but when I try to connect to a page on another machine,it gets me to the real page instead of the one I have configured etter.dns to go.In etter.dns I have commented all out and I tried to type in different things just in case some of it works.So I typed in "* A (my ip adress)" (trying to redirect all pages to me)," A (my ip adress)" etc. The thing is when I type on my "victim" machine my IP address it actually takes me to the fake website I have set with SET.Any ideas? I've spent hours and hours trying to figure this out.Any help would be appreciated

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    On the attacking machine, after you run ettercap- if you press 'H' 'L' that should show you a list of the hosts you are poisoning. Do you see you victims IP's under this list? This will at least tell you if you are arp poisoning the proper machine.

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